Akira 1988

Akira 1988

1: It might be from 1988, but goddamn, this is too dark, disturbing and bit difficult to stomach…..even, the music creeps me out
2: Love the futuristic Tokyo skyline and the concept of Akira…..Maybe, Roman Polanski can take some lessons from this…….cult status

3: The cyber-punk anime was the first to break shackles from still animes for cutting production corners, it showed vibrant emotions

4: Consequently, the heavy bike is just a gimmick. It has no relation with the anime in itself.

5: Neo-Tokyo is an advanced civilization recovering from the horrendous terrors of Akira, only paving way to Tetsuo, another teenager following the same path to destruction.

Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094625/


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