Bernie Sanders: Popular Presidential Nominee


Aspiring presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders promised to straighten up the criminal justice system as a top priority during his presidential tenure, in a busy campaign schedule this Wednesday.

According to him, reforming the criminal justice system would be atop his agenda as an American president. As for him, the American prison system was a huge ‘international mortification’ citing the burgeoning rate of incarceration in America unparalleled to any other country. He hoped to alleviate this situation.

Bernie’s Agenda

Bernie Sanders divulged his agenda to deal with the following issues at hand:

  • Profiteering prisons
  • Take off marijuana from control substances list
  • Remove the death penalty
  • Revoke mandatory sentencing

As per Bernie, a lot of lives have been disrupted due to police records, affecting jointly blacks and whites. In his view, the burgeoning rate of incarceration of black population and criminality of school-age black American kids is tragic. He stated that he categorically no longer required support of Rham Emanuel for presidency.

Police reforms

His reforms as a president include increased investment into education and jobs for the young generation. In his perspective, it would be far more inexpensive and productive to send a child to University of Illinois as opposed to jail. Furthermore, he emphasized an accountable and demilitarized police force with more vested diversity. He visualized the police force to act as component of the community as opposed to an occupying force. Although, police work is largely tough, stressful and dangerous, they should be held accountable for their actions nevertheless.

Bernie Sanders inherently directed his case-point towards the tragic incidents of Laquan McDonald and Rekia Boyd, where police opened fire at will due to racial bias. He mentioned Sandra Bland, who was incarcerated for arguing with a police officer over a lane change. He even met the girl’s mother in Illinois. He expressed concerns largely about educated African Americans, anxious about police confrontations and its consequent repercussions.

Priority list

Bernie Sanders promised to prevent deportations of minorities and work tirelessly to keep the families united. He emphasized to shut the door on racism and conclude the racism diatribe of Donald Trump, referring to his vile remarks on Mexican citizens. He further opposed Donald Trump and his attempts to sweep the elections using the racial card.

Sanders felt that majority of the population was nauseated with ‘millionaire’ and ‘billionaire’ gentry purchasing elections. The grand vision of a political revolution is to envisage a collective population of middle-class and low-income people as a singular group rather than dividing them.

Ending ties with Rahm Emanuel

While mentioning the issue of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, he categorically stated that he no longer required his services since he was a close associate Hillary Clinton, his presidential opponent.

His presidential speech in Chicago was a relatively smaller gathering as opposed to huge campaign rallies earlier. High-profile supporters of Bernie included Mike Render, Jim Hightower, Cornel West and Ben Cohen.



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