Donald Trump vs. ISIS

The choice of words used by Donald Trump is extremely unhealthy and disturbing. As it is, there are various similarities between ISIS and Donald Trump in terms of communication language. Listed below are 4-communication methods, which categorically bridge the gap between ISIS and Donald Trump.

The Element of Fear

ISIS openly declares war against the religious sects and western society by means of murder and terror. Apart from grotesque murders, ISIS employs web resources for a barrage of constant threats against humanity including videos, newsletters and websites.

Donald Trump on the other hand predicts that America is destined to doom, unless a societal change is undertaken. His tools to swerve listeners include ongoing diatribes on 9/11, eventual conclusion of American dream, decrement of jobs and opposing the influx of immigrants. As per Donald Trump, it’s time to deport unproductive members of the society to their respective countries. In order to prevent their entry, he proposes constructing a wall and bombing them constantly.

Authoring a ‘them’

ISIS has created a frontier against westerners, depicting them as ‘outcasts’ in their view. For them, all non-Muslims are worth killing as preordained by Islam. For ISIS, gray areas are highly intolerable and people with complex beliefs are deemed as beyond the fold of Islam.

In case of Donald Trump, Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese and other minorities disagreeing with his views, are the actual problem at hand. These very races according to him, should be annihilated, deported and shut out from America, if necessary should be murdered. More so, he even revived the racial segregation card, portraying blacks as a hateful segment of population. Soon enough, he regressed and appreciated the colored population. Even though, he retracted his previous statements, they reek of hatred against blacks on the whole. In essence, both ISIS and Donald Trump are marginalizing racially.

Hateful Propaganda

ISIS commits atrocities using Islam as a justification tool. Moreover, they wage the ‘holy war’ in an attempt to equalize the western conspiracies against Muslims. Inflammatory statements are issued without any substantial proof, portraying sheer intolerance and animosity. Furthermore, there is no room for negotiations or compromise with ISIS.

Donald Trump keeps a Christian pastor alongside for justifying his ludicrous assertions. On the contrary, Christian theology negates all assertions made by Donald Trump. Most of his statements are in plain contradiction with injunctions of Christianity. More so, he uses conspiratorial language to push his agenda to his audience. Lastly, he declared global warming as a Chinese ploy to stagnate American industries.

Violence against unarmed civilians

In perspective of ISIS, all infidels deserve death as preordained in Islam. The strength of ISIS lies in targeting civilian areas, consisting of unarmed population.

During his speech when an attendant voiced rights for black race, Donald Trump opined the attendant to be arrested for such a remark. Furthermore, he even proposed to exterminate the families of terrorists as a collective strategy to wipe out the terrorists. An individual advocating mass murder of minorities should be disqualified from the presidential campaign.


 Using the racial strategy to sweep the presidential campaign is a slick move by Donald Trump. In hindsight, using similar rhetoric as those of ISIS’s and ideals asserted by them will be counter-productive in establishing an orderly society. Donald Trump is merely using blame-game, violence, fear, and segregation card to sweep the presidential race.

A society is a function of compassion, awareness and productive endeavors. While referring to Muslims, he proposed to deport them to their native homeland, as it’s the last resort. For all intents and purposes, America invites all races with equal opportunities, independent of professional bias and personal prejudice.



About Umar Asad

I am a freelance content writer working for multiple companies at any given time. I have diversified experience in multitude of niches.
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