Presidential Candidates’ Opposition to LGBTQ

The current political campaigns are dominated by dissenting rhetoric and anti-LGBTQ speeches, primarily intended at capitalizing on vote bank and people’s fear, while fuelling discriminatory attitude and animosity.

First and foremost, Donald Trump suggested barring Muslims from entering American soil. As per Ted Cruz, the promulgation of LGBTQ rights was single-handedly the most ‘darkest times in human history’. More so, Rand Paul deemed Paycheck Fairness Act analogous to Soviet Union laws. The campaign candidates clearly seemed to be attempting to hit the chord with their respective audiences using ‘criticism card’ to accumulate maximum votes.

As per polls, the majority of the American population is in favor of LGBTQ rights and marriage equality, citing equal rights for all groups. However, many presidential candidates are still hung up over anti-LGBTQ positions.

Listed below are the most inappropriate remarks regarding LGBTQ by candidates:

  1. Ted Cruz: As transgender women were being slaughtered, he declared anti-abortion analogous to American terrorist responsible for slaughtering civilians inside Planned Parenthood as a ‘transgendered leftist’.
  2. Ben Carson: He proposed that transgender people should be allotted separate bathrooms since it’s not fair to make everyone uncomfortable.


  • Nike Huckabee: He proposed constitutional amendment for barring same gender marriage with anti-marriage activist Kim Davis.


  1. Chris Christie: He perceived participation of transgender children in facilities and programs as per their gender to be extremely puzzling for them.


  1. Rick Santorum, Carly Fiornina, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee recently endorsed a pledge known as First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) within 4-months of their holding office. This legislation document will promulgate discrimination into constitutional law, barring federal government from action when public businesses discriminate on the basis of marriage conventions, stating ‘marriage is essentially union of a man and woman’.


Unfortunately, it’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding anti-LGBTQ campaigns.

At present, thirty-two states are devoid of non-discrimination protection in terms of accommodation, employment and housing. In 2015 alone, the community confronted 100 anti-LGBTQ legislations all over American landscape. The right-wing successfully revoked Equal Rights Ordinance of Houston using anti-transgender scare schemes. In case of California, anti-transgender bill was placed on the ballot.

As these campaigns against anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant and transgender rights gains momentum, they create a culture of hate and violence emerges, flourishing speedily throughout America. As a resolution of 2016, efforts need to be doubled on the grounds of relationship development, public education and strategic interventions to procreate a culture of tolerance and acceptance with those holding a slightly diverse view of the world.





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