Carrie 1976

Carrie 1976
Felt cheap in the beginning but grips with its intense and warm flip-flopping scenes…….Stephen King movies are amazing given their timeline of release……I guess the director pulled it off really well

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Guilty 2015

Guilty 2015
1: This movie was spine-chilling to the bone, although the competency of authorities was dismal.
2: Real-life case in 2008, still unsolved.
3: Irrfan Khan rocks in each role he takes, shallow acting from others unsure emoticon
4: The guilty part is let of the hook so easily…….the hell?

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Piku 2015

Piku 2015
1: I think it was 40-minutes extra
2: Amitabh still rocks as an actor, so does Irrfan Khan

3: The story was loose, kudos to the director holding it tight

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Crimson Peak 2015

I loved Tom Hiddleston exuding pure class with his presence
Shit for script
Shit for graphics
2-hours flushed down the toilet

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One of the best TV shows of the year apart from Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Narcos and True Detective……..also, the best tv show adapted from a movie…….nail-biting suspense, moments of serenity…….family-time, tranquility but Fargo universe is never crime-free 😛

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Moby Dick 1956: Review

Moby Dick 1956
1: Having read the tumultuous novel, it was a dream come true watching this movie.
2: Captain Ahab terrifies as a hell-bent doomed captain of Pequod.
Amazing period performance by Gregory Peck.
3: Gregory was fooled by director into playing the movie 😀 …..he said, only he could do justice to this role
From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale
There is a wisdom that is woe and there is a woe that is madness
Ishmael pales in the background since he narrates the entire story
The movie hits the feel train from
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Jurassic World 2015

1: A sequential progression of typified movie tropes (an old gripe i have with Hollywood)
2: Uptight Karen had to strip her shirt during the final scene -_-
3: Past that, it’s an enjoyable lazy summer movie, easily sidestepping sequels of Jurassic Park aside 1993 😛
4: Wondering 3D wow factor would amplify it more……….

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